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   Green Power Control, GPC provides consulting services specific to Renewable Energy usage, Power Electronics, Power System Protection, Control and Measuring Systems in order to render your system more efficient, maintainable and more cost-effective. To reach the highest possible degree of reliability and availability, we are ready to assist you to find the right solutions to both your practical and theoretical roadblocks. Though our services are not limited to, the following Technical Services are the highlights of our contributions to your design needs:

Green Power Control (GPC) offers the following services and product in the field of Renewable Energy, Power System, Power Electronics and Control as such:

1. Consulting Services on Internet of Things (IoT) and LoRa platform in particular.

2. Renewable Energy Systems:

  • To technically help to establish new Wind Power Plants (WPP) or to improve existing WPP performances
  • To model big size WPPs
  • To offer training courses regard to big WPPs and Small mini wind areas

3. Consulting Services on Industrial Systems

4. Applied Software Programs:

  • To offer training courses and services after the sale for ‘Applied Relay Coordinator, ARCO’
  • Design, Programming, and analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks.
  • To code applied software programs

5. Technical modeling, design, and analysis:

  • Modeling and Simulation of Power System Protection system & Power Electronics including Control Systems (Continuous & Discrete)
  • Electrical and Control systems design and its continuous operation
  • Root-cause analysis of Faults & Failures in Electrical Systems and providing preventive and detective solutions to improve your design