LoRa Two papers published in the area of LoRa:
1. Edge analytics for anomaly detection in water networks by an Arduino101-LoRa based WSN

2. Development of an Arduino101-LoRa based wind speed estimator
ARCO ARCO was advertised by Imperial Colege London.
July 2017
 ARCO was selected as the best invention among others in Imperial College London. July 2017
    Training Course Training Course related to Small Wind Turbines was successfully passed. March 2016
RCO A new advanced version of ARCO is recently published to use the SQL Server Database which enhanced the execution speed of the program up to 10 times faster. Furthermore, ARCO can be used by many users now without any conflict. Oct. 2015
ARCO All three papers represented in ICAT’15 being published in Journals Oct. 2015
ARCO Seminar in Gharb Regional Electric Company in September Sep. 2015
ARCO Three Papers were presented in ICAT’15, two of them were related to ARCO Aug. 2015
ARCO Best Paper of Session award for paper regard to ARCO Aug. 2015
ARCO Seminar in Tavanir Dec. 2014
ARCO Seminar in Faculty of Engineering at University of Zanjan Nov. 2014
ARCO Seminar in Iranian Power System Grid Management Company Oct. 2014
ARCO Seminar in Zanjan Regional Electric Company April. 2013
GPC Green Power Control Co. LTD was formally established.  March 2013