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Protective Relay Settings

Green Power Control offers an applied technical software, “ARCO“. It is an advanced software tool to calculate all Over-current (O/C) and Earth-fault (E/F) relays coordination for a substation. Furthermore, we suggest optimal settings for protective relays of your power system or industry and analysis failures and unwanted protective relays operations.

Design of Control Systems for different applications

Experts in this group have many years of valuable experience working on different Control Systems with successful corporations worldwide.

Power Electronics Systems

Design and improvement of drivers, Rectifiers, Cycloconverters, Power Supplies, Harmonic filters, and many other elements of Power Electronics are included in our services in which we offer to our clients.

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)

   Here we offer services from design of WSNs, to analysis of operation and Programming. Minimizing energy consumption of WSNs and fault detection and diagnosis are also a part of our expertise.