Applied Relay Coordinator (ARCO):

      ARCO is a software program which offers two versions, PC or Client server based relay coordination program for relay engineers. It relieves the relay engineers from the tedious and time-consuming tasks of leafing through stacks of printouts and plotting and re-plotting relay curves and single-line diagrams. It works quickly under the control of the engineer. The engineer can change the relay settings and network configuration to see the results of the change immediately.

The first version of this program so called OEMP (Over current and Earth fault Mechanization Program) was developed in 2002. It has been using in a relay protection unit of a regional electricity company on a daily basis till now. It has been making advantages with a very high level of satisfaction for the mentioned users and promoted the company’s technical value and ranking among the other companies in the country.

Green Power Control offers an applied technical software, "ARCO". It is an advanced software tool to calculate all Over-current (O/C) and Earth-fault (E/F) relays coordination for a substation. Furthermore, we suggest optimal settings for protective relays of your power system or industry and analysis failures and unwanted protective relays operations.

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